Fermented Gel
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Fermented Gel

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For Cuticles
Fermented Gel is a high-quality Cuticle treatment that acts as a moisturizing and antioxidant agent. It has been enriched with vitamin E and pure almond oil for deep nourishing. It also, contains a high concentration of D- panthenol emollient.
Fermented Gel is a water-based treatment that absorbs quickly to hydrate and nourish the cuticles. The fermentation of Rice yeast, Japanese sake, Kefir and Asian Lily produce an incredible reaction when combined make our Fermented Gel a treatment with exceptional properties.
– Rice yeast: with super nutrient powers.
– Kefir: with a high concentration of fermented probiotics.
– Japanese sake: rich in ceramide, amino acids and fermented sugars.
– Asian Lily: helps to improve microcirculation.
All MIA Cosmetics-Paris products are Cruelty-free and have passed the quality control of the FDA and EU. Our factory uses manufacturing processes that minimize the impact on the environment.

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